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Rosenberg Financial Group

At Rosenberg Financial Group, we have created two two programs designed for the disciplined investor.

The Retire…Relax® Solution, our flagship program, is a disciplined investment approach for retirees and pre-retirees that includes an exit strategy when we feel the market risk is high. This fee-based program employs a full-time investment manager who builds and consistently monitors your portfolio based on your risk profile. Our Retire…Relax® Solution assists us in making asset allocation decisions, including converting 100% to cash when we feel it is prudent.

The cost to manage your money and provide financial advice are fully disclosed. At Rosenberg Financial Group we keep an eye on the investment landscape. This is something Rosenberg Financial Group does for our clients each and every day.

The following are some important points about our firm:

We Represent You

We represent our clients, not a big company, so we have no pressure to "sell" you a product.

We are fee based

Rosenberg Financial Group, charges a fully disclosed fee to manage your money and provide financial advice.

We are flexible

Our RetireRelax SolutionTM helps us make asset allocation decisions, including going 100% to cash when we feel it is prudent to do so.

We are accessible

When you call Rosenberg Financial Group a live person answers the phone.

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