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What Rosenberg Financial Group Believes

If you choose to invest with someone, as opposed to doing it yourself, We believe it is best to work with a person who is compensated by fees instead of commissions.

Under normal circumstances, Rosenberg Financial Group believes you should avoid investing with products that have surrender charges.

We believe you should immediately walk away from anyone who puts you under any type of pressure to invest.

We believe you should work with someone who represents you, not some corporation.

We believe you should work with someone who has a fiduciary obligation to put your interests ahead of his or her own.

We believe the people you are working with should disclose their conflicts of interest.

We believe that any financial or estate planning should be accomplished by a Certified Financial Planner ® Professional. But remember, only attorneys are authorized to dispense legal advice.

We believe that any investment advice should come from a Registered Investment Advisor.

The investment information we provide in this website is based on the RetireRelax SolutionTM , our disciplined investment approach that includes an exit strategy when we feel that risk is high. Keeping an eye on the investment landscape for our clients is something Rosenberg Financial Group does each and every day.